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How to clean a paintbrush

As any amateur or professional artist knows, paintbrushes become dirty. Plus, they can be expensive to replace which is why it’s important to… more »


Detroit Art Gallery: An Exploration

When you think of Detroit, The Motor City, a lot of things may come to mind. Exquisite architecture, beautiful views over the Detroit… more »


Discovering Butterfly Art

When man sees something beautiful, he often seeks to find a way to reproduce it. From cave drawing to modern art, man chases… more »

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Good Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city commonly associated with an incredible mix of culture, traditions, style and high fashion. There are dozens of good… more »

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Custom Seat Covers: Get Quality Seat Covers for Your Dream Vehicle

Tired of those ugly and uncomfortable seats? Want some durable and effective seat covers for your vehicle? Well, if you are concerned about… more »

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Custom-fit Seat Covers for Personalized Car Interiors

Having the look and feel that suits your personal interests can do wonders. If you are also passionate for such a personalized environment… more »

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Check Out the Cars

After the energy crises of the 1970’s, some predicted the end of our love affair with the car; 20 years later we can… more »

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The American Way of Live

In 1950 three large groups of companies control the American automobile market: General Motors with Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac. Chrysler with… more »

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Ford Mustang Cobra Convertible Review

Ford Mustang is as American as apple pie. In 1994, Ford introduced the new Mustang, to much fan-fare, to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.… more »

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Volkswagen Jetta Review

They say do not mess with success. Automotive engineers spend day in day out designing cars to the best of their abilities. The… more »

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Honda Element Review

The Bauhaus School of Art originated in Germany around 1919. The main goal of the Bauhaus school was to merge the talents of… more »

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Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Coupe Review

I love fender flares! Nothing gives the impression of power better than fender flares. Audi used fender flares to show the added performance… more »

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How to rent legally registered holiday homes Spain

Spain is a beautiful place to visit and there is no doubt that once you would visit Spain, you would not feel like… more »